Capability Statements

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement is a document that outlines the services that you can offer a potential new client to help them decide whether to choose you as a supplier. You can send it as part of your tender document, and you could also use it to start a conversation with a new potential partner. Your capability statement could be anywhere from a one-page overview to a multi-page document that outlines the details of your business depending on where and how you plan to use it. A capability statement can demonstrate how capable your business is to carry out the required work. That’s why it is so important to put your best foot forward! The best capability statements on the market are visually appealing, they have all the information portrayed clearly, they use strong active language, and they have a good attention to detail.  

What can I use a capability statement for?

You can use your capability statement in several ways. For example, you might use your capability statement to respond to tender requests. You can also use it as a business development tool that you can send to new clients. You can also showcase your capability on your website to attract enquiries.  

How do I create a capability statement?

Creating a capability statement is a multi-stage job. At Perth Branding & Marketing, we follow the below steps when deciding what to include in a capability statement for our clients.

  1. Strategy meeting: Our team usually creates a strategy meeting to establish some key elements of the selling points of the company. We will carry out an analysis of the business and where the business is looking to progress. In this meeting, we cover topics such as your audience, the needs of your clients, the language that is appropriate for your industry, the features and benefits of your unique service and so on. This meeting is essential when it comes to planning what needs to be in each part of the document.
  2. Copywriting: As part of the copywriting phase, our team of marketers will create the words that properly define the business and the services thereof. As most people skim read lengthy documents, it’s important to use language to punctuate key points that you’d like to make around your businesses’ capability.
  3. Design: The senior designers at Perth Branding & Marketing are experts in portraying your business as the experts in your field. Our designers use visual cues to draw your readers attention and add professionalism to your brand.  

What do I include in my capability statement?

  • Name and company branding, slogan  
  • Summary description of the company 
  • Core Capabilities 
  • Description of major services offered 
  • Certifications & Awards
  • Government agencies you have served 
  • Major Clients  
  • Partners and authorized resellers 
  • Leadership profile  
  • Client testimonials 
  • Vision and mission statement  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • Management systems  
  • Governance and risk management practices  
  • General Company information, including: 
    • Registered company name 
    • Contact information 

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