Design is the lifeblood of branding. Our team of senior designers have an immense amount of experience designing everything from the all-important logo to the eye-catching billboard.

Logo Design

Having a great logo is the basis of every company’s branding. At first glance, a logo can provide a quick insight into a company’s values and what they are all about – this is achieved through the right use of colours, typography, imagery and layout. A company’s overall branding is created from consistency with their logo design, therefore it is crucial to plan ahead and get that first step right.

At Perth Branding & Marketing, our designers will create a custom logo for you which is unique, versatile, and best represents your business goals and company values. The initial design process involves a lot of thought and strategy, where we conceptualise different combinations of particular colours, typography, imagery and layouts that will best suit your company values and appeal to your intended target market.


Consistent branding is the key to growth. Branding is important for a business because it’s the way you communicate the reputation of your business and the way customers make a connection with what you represent. Every business from bricks and mortar stores, to an online e-commerce business, needs a strong design.

Having a strong, consistent brand is the best way to project your company’s values and personality to the public. A great brand is uniform throughout all its designs, showing consistency in colour, typography, imagery and layout, from logo design to stationery, website, advertising, posters, signage, brochures, and every other piece of marketing collateral.

In 1920, two companies—Kellogg and Post—were the most prominent brands on the cereal market. When the Depression hit, no one knew what would happen to consumer brands. Post (Kellogg’s major competitor) cut expenses and cut back on advertising. Almost as if they could read the future, Kellogg doubled its ad budget and launched the new brand – Rice Krispies. By 1933, as the economy had collapsed in on itself, Kellogg’s profits had risen almost 30 percent and cemented its global dominance. A great brand is memorable, will grab your attention, and is able to illustrate what a business is all about.

Perth Branding & Marketing are the experts at creating amazing brands. We can provide you with the whole range of branding and marketing services for you and your business. To discuss your branding requirements, give us a call!

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