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Having a great logo is the basis of every company’s branding. At first glance, a logo can provide a quick insight into a company’s values and what they are all about – this is achieved through the right use of colours, typography, imagery and layout. A company’s overall branding is created from consistency with their logo design, therefore it is crucial to plan ahead and get that first step right. 


Professional logo design in Perth

At Perth Branding & Marketing, our designers will create a custom logo for you which is unique, versatile, and best represents your business goals and company values. The initial design process involves a lot of thought and strategy, where we conceptualise different combinations of particular colours, typography, imagery and layouts that will best suit your company values and appeal to your intended target market.

Why is a logo important?

A professional logo is fundamentally important to differentiate your business from competitors. Your brand begins with your logo and that is why logo design is the basis of everything. Our team of senior designers have extensive experience across several businesses and industries. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, or prepare for your exist strategy, you need to hire a professional designer who understands branding.

How to create a professional logo

Our team takes our clients through a multistage process to create a professional logo.  

  1. Whiteboarding – In the whiteboarding session, we will discuss the purpose of your logo and where you want to take your business. In our strategy meeting, we will talk about everything from who you are, where your business is going, the style of logos you like and other relevant information.
  2. Design phase – Our senior designers will develop a series of options based on the results of the conversation and our internal logo strategy meetings.
  3. Logo meeting – After we are finished creating your professional logo, we will have a meeting to discuss the options and how we would present these professional logos in different settings.
  4. Edits – Our team will make any final edits to the logo based on the results of the meeting.
  5. Final logo package – We will deliver your professional logo in every application you will need for your business. 

From there, we can create business cards, letterheads or other elements of your brand identity. To start the logo creation process, contact our team today!

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