Consistent branding is the key to growth. Branding is important for a business because it’s the way you communicate the reputation of your business and the way customers make a connection with what you represent. Every business from bricks and mortar stores, to an online e-commerce business, needs a strong design.

Having a strong, consistent brand is the best way to project your company’s values and personality to the public. A great brand is uniform throughout all its designs, showing consistency in colour, typography, imagery and layout, from logo design to stationery, website, advertising, posters, signage, brochures, and every other piece of marketing collateral.

Logo Design

Having a great logo is the basis of every company’s branding. At first glance, a logo can provide a quick insight into a company’s values and what they are all about – this is achieved through the right use of colours, typography, imagery and layout. A company’s overall branding is created from consistency with their logo design, therefore it is crucial to plan ahead and get that first step right.


A printed or online brochure is one of the best ways to profile your business products and services. A great brochure design will add value to your brand and give you the cutting edge over your competitors.


Having an online presence can be a key part of your sales and marketing strategy. A great website that looks good and is also easy to use will inform your consumer base of what you have to offer and potentially lead to your next sale. Our team will work hard to ensure that you have a strong online presence that performs well in search engines, is easy to navigate, looks great visually, and keeps potential clients interested.

Annual Reports

Our team of senior designers understand the importance of your annual report design. Annual report design is fundamentally important when it comes to communicating your success to shareholders. Be seen in the best light possible when it comes to your annual report.

Prospectus Design

If someone came to you and asked you to invest in their company and they handed you a poorly-formatted word document as their prospectus, you would likely turn them away.  The design and strategy of your prospectus can be the difference between raising an investment or not. Perth Branding & Marketing are the experts in prospectus design.

Investor Pitch Design

When you are doing an investor pitch deck, using third-party apps can be cumbersome and fail to sell your unique message. What you need when creating an investor pitch deck, is a storyteller. At Perth Branding & Marketing, our team of marketing and design experts can sell your idea, start-up or invention with words and visuals. Starting with our signature Whiteboard Strategy session, we will help you create the message you can use to sell yourself and your organisation.

Social Media

Our Perth-based social media and content design team can help your business shine. Whether you’re a new business ready to go big or a corporate firm looking for new ways to engage a potential new client base, Perth Branding & Marketing are the experts in content creation and distribution. We can help you build your business through your online brand awareness.

Franchise Branding

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to successfully franchise your brand, Perth Branding & Marketing is the team for you! Strong branding is critical for a scaleable franchise, as well as strict brand guidelines. The success of McDonald’s comes from the M – let us help you create that strong brand to grow the awareness of your business in the market.

Not-for-profit Branding

Branding in the non-profit sector is fundamentally important, as you are trying to drive donors, volunteers, supports, strategic partners or sponsors. When key decision-makers are looking at not-for-profits, they often consider the strategic value of the brand with which they will be aligning. This is why it is fundamentally important that you position your not-for-profit as the ideal partner.

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