How to market your construction business

How to market your construction business, new development or new estate

Marketers of property developments, construction or building businesses and new land estates often find themselves in a quandary – where do we start?

The unique set of challenges comes as you are selling a high value product that does not even exist yet (perhaps).

Here are 5 things you can do to effectively sell your new property or new land.

Implement a CRM

Many businesses in the building and construction industry are currently using manual methods of capturing leads.

Implementing a CRM is one of the easiest ways to help sell property or help sell land in new estates.

We recommend using Active Campaign, which can connect your marketing to your sales team.

Understand your market

Every new home, new apartment or new block of land has an ideal buyer. But do you know who they are?

To be successful, you need to understand your target market in order to cultivate relationships with potential clients.

This will reflect in everything from the brochure design, to the handover gifts (all of which we can assist with).

Keep your brand consistent

The number one mistake that people make is that they try to “piecemeal” their marketing, and what that leads to is off-brand messages that do nothing to drive loyalty.

When you have a designer who understands branding, they can create a suite of design materials that are designed to reinforce your brand message.

We have a team of senior designers that create consistent branding messages to market your construction company.

Keep your customers engaged

Because you are dealing in property and land, people are hesitant or unable to make a decision in the moment.

This is why you need to keep your potential customers engaged throughout the entire buying process.

There are many distractions in that buying process so ensure you create a marketing plan for your development or campaign that include re-engagement.

Help them visualise

Most people cannot read floor plans or understand how a house will flow and fit onto a block.

Creating high quality 3D renders will allow the individual to understand how their home will look and feel.

The team at Perth Branding & Marketing can produce high quality 3D renders to help market your property development or new campaign.

Get in contact with the team at Perth Branding & Marketing for all of your property branding and marketing, and 3D render needs.

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