How to choose a marketing/design agency

Choosing the right marketing or design agency can be a difficult choice when there are so many buzz words and industry jargon to navigate. But the right design agency is the difference between getting an amazing piece of content, and getting content that is sub-par. We know that it can be hard to choose a marketing or design agency, so here are our top things to look out for.

Meet in person

Our number one tip for choosing the right design agency is to know who you are talking to. It is fundamentally important that the agency is willing to meet with you in person (in a post-COVID world, we can accept a comprehensive Zoom call). If you choose the right agency, you will be working with this person for a long time, so your agency should take the time to meet you in person.

Hire an agency like you’d hire an employee

Culture matters when it comes to choosing a marketing and design agency as you will talk to this person on a regular basis. When you talk to the people at the design agency, ensure they are someone that you could talk to on an ongoing basis.

Look for longevity

Brand builders that have been around the block have depth and experience that is needed when creating new brands. Senior designers often have the experience to understand how to market a business beyond just a logo. When building a brand for your business, working with experienced brand people just makes sense.

Set your objectives

It is important that when you go to meet with your design agency, you must have a set of clear objectives for what you want out of your business. Is it that you want to modernise your brand? Are you looking to internationalise or localise your business? Understand what you are trying to do before you engage, and this will help you choose the right agency.

They understand your business

When you are meeting a person, or receiving a proposal, it’s important to understand whether the marketing agency has understood your business needs and challenges. This is fundamentally important when choosing a design agency as they will work to help you solve these issues through brand.

Choose well!

How to choose design agency

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