Five ways businesses can reinvent their branding and marketing strategy

Rebranding your business can help you grow your business, reach your goals or grow your revenue. Reinventing your branding and marketing strategy can attract more potential customers to your brand as well as helping you to engage your existing customer base.

If you do this process right, rebranding can help you become the market leader in your field. But many businesses make the fatal mistake of not working with the right rebrand partner. At Perth Branding & Marketing we work to create branding and marketing strategies to help take your business to the next level.

1. Expand, but don’t lose sight

Reinventing your brand is a fantastic way to get new customers and find new customers. But at the same time, it’s important that you do not lose your existing client base and alienate them. Your existing database needs to grow from your rebrand – not shrink!

2. Get back to why

Why are you running this business? Why did you start this business? Why do you keep pushing through? Your branding and marketing strategy should start with your why. In business, why is the answer to pretty much everything that we do. Your why might be to help people with a particular problem, to connect with certain people or to create a certain life for yourself.

3. Leverage what you know

No-one knows your brand better than you. Stop to consider for a moment what you know about the business and try and leverage that in the rebrand. You now have insight and time and learnings so put them to good use in the branding and marketing rebrand.

4. Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis

When building something new, the more you go over and over and over in your head of what your brand should be, the more it risks going off the deep end. Some external input can be helpful but try not to change your tack too much from external input.

5. Consider all parts of your brand

Yes, a logo is the start and the base, but it doesn’t end there. Why build a house with no doors? Consider how your brand works across all of your collateral.

To help your business reinvent in branding and marketing strategy, get in contact with Perth Branding & Marketing today.

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