Creating a brand identity

Many people think that brands and logos are the same thing. However, a brand identity is much more than just a logo. Sometimes small and medium sized businesses overlook the importance of a strong branding identity which can mean the difference between picking up the right contracts and the right clients or staying at the same stagnant level. When the team at PBM is working with clients our focus is on brand identity and not just a logo. This allows our clients to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded and sometimes complex market in which they navigate.

So how do we create a brand identity for your business? It is not easy to create a strong brand identity but when you do the opportunities are endless. Here is our process for creating an amazing brand identity for your business that will help you succeed in the long term.

Step one: strategic meetings

In the first step of building a brand identity you must get to the core of who you are as a business. This includes your values, your mission statement, your ideal clients and many other aspects that make up the holistic nature of your business. A brand identity is based on a mixture of all these things plus the aesthetics of your business. Therefore, we begin with strategic meetings with management staff, with key sales staff, with frontline staff and potentially even with your network of suppliers and clients. This is how we understand who you are as a business and what your clients and stakeholders are looking for. Usually, these meetings will take one to two hours and can sometimes be scheduled one or two times.

Step 2: storyboarding or mapping

Creating a brand identity is really a collaborative process but all the inputs that we collect from the first stage of the strategic whiteboard meetings will help us to develop a storyboard or a map for your brand identity. Sometimes this will look like a very clean, very simple vision of your business but sometimes it can be quite a complex document to create when there are many stakeholders and many conflicting viewpoints. This process is extremely important in creating your brand identity.

Step 3: images and words

To represent your brand identity, you need the right images and words to convey the key messages. In this next part of the process our team will develop documentation with examples of key messaging to be used across your marketing material. We will also design and create different touchpoints for your business that highlights the brand identity with the right colours, shapes and images. The right brand identity rolled out across all your marketing material can make all the difference.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, it might be time to focus on who you are as a brand and developing a comprehensive brand identity strategy. This can differentiate you in the market and it can tell people about your business before they even interact with you or your staff. A brand identity is important for ongoing success in business. If you would like assistance with your brand identity, contact the team at Perth branding and marketing to start the strategic process.

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