Corporate photography

Corporate photography is about more than pretty pictures – it’s how you tell your business story to the world.

One of the biggest struggles that businesses have is how to tell their story through images on social media and on their websites. The key to this is photography!

Working with an experienced corporate photographer in Perth can help your business capture the imagination of the right target market.

Our team of creatives have been working with Perth businesses to capture the essence of their businesses since the days of Kodak.

We are experts in showcasing not only the product that is ready to sell on your e-commerce website in a way that makes it look enticing and exciting, but we can also create a suite of photography to help highlight who you are, what you do and where you work.

We can help you connect with your customers and represent the best version of your business.

Our expertise:

  • Headshots and team portraits
  • Commercial interiors
  • Product and demonstration photography
  • Food and drink
  • Warehouse and factory photography
  • Corporate events
  • Trade show/exhibition photography
  • On-site photography

Can I just use stock photos on my website?

Stock photos are photographs that you can buy from online marketplaces and use in your own projects (such as your website), so you don’t need to continually take new photographs. Neat, right?

We love stock photography at Perth Branding &Marketing and we are never opposed to using stock photography in the mix of your branding pieces.

But when you are trying to differentiate and tell your own unique story, stock photography just does not cut it.

There is no stock photography that can capture the true essence of your unique selling proposition (USP) so that is why we recommend a photography shoot to be done in conjuction with building your website.

Your Perth business will benefit from having professional photography that tells your potential customers who you are.

Get in contact today to organise photography for your business in Perth.

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