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What is brand identity and design?

The world around us is built on brands.

Apple. Coca-Cola. Amazon.

These names are synonymous around the world for the products and services they provide. But why? It is because of their brand identity and design.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is a collection of all elements and touchpoints that a company creates to reach potential and current clients. Brand identity is different from “brand image” and “branding,” even though sometimes people believe these words are the same thing. Trust us when we say they are not.

Brandingis a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that becomes synonymous with that organisation. But brand design is not just about a logo, it is about advertising, customer service material, promotional merchandise, reputation and other items that are associated with the collateral of the brand.

There are so many elements incorporated in brand design and brand identity that you need to create a comprehensive plan as to how you want your business to be perceived by external parties.

Why are the golden arches of McDonalds so important? Because they mean something more than a business. They mean crispy chips, massive burgers and cold shakes, and the feeling of driving through the drive-through. The golden arches are part of the brand design and brand identity, because we see them on the cups, chip boxes, packing, advertising and anywhere else where McDonalds is operating.

Brand Design in Perth

As the experts in brand design perth, Perth Branding & Marketing understands how to create design identity for the local market. We know Perth and we know what makes Perth people tick.

Whether it’s fish and chips at Cott, or coffee in Leederville, or trips to Swan Valley, quintessentially perth brands are hard to come by. Our team of marketers and senior designers can create the perfect brand design for your Perth business to ensure you speak to the right people.

Five benefits of strong brand design

Want to know the return on investment for brand? Everything!

1. Customer Recognition
When you have a strong brand, customers and potential customers start to understand who you are as a business. This means that when a person is looking for a good or service, they remember your brand design, which is a big bonus for you.

2. Customer loyalty
Not only do new customers come to you because of your brand identity, you will also have higher customer loyalty with a strong brand design. A brand is an emotional connection, so when you build a strong brand, your customers will stick around.

3. Enhanced credibility
Being on the front foot with clients is an important part of doing business. A strong brand identity builds enhanced credibility with potential and new clients. Having a well-known brand build credibility in the market.

4. Attract the best talent
Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. One major benefit of having a strong brand identity is being able to hire the best of the best because of the recognition in the market. When you have a strong brand, potential employees will come knocking on your door.

5. Instil confidence
Brand design and brand identity – when done properly – instil confidence in customers and clients. This is an important element of running a business as it allows you to close more deals and do better business.

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