The Wormall Group

The Wormall Group is involved in a number of different industries such as injection moulding, security and environmental consulting to name a few. The brief Perth Branding & Marketing was given was to create an overall corporate brand, as well as assist with the strategy and design of the individual units. We undertook multiple face-to-face discussions to listen and understand the objectives the Wormall Group wanted to achieve. Our strategy included the development of:

  • Logo design & development – Parent umbrella company (The Wormall Group) and subsidiary companies (XStream, Smartstream and Envirostream)
  • Website design and development of all companies
  • Stationery designs and printing for all companies – Business cards, Letterheads, With Compliment Slips and envelopes
  • Other marketing collateral – Pull up banner (XStream), Advertisement design (Xstream, brochure design and printing (Xstream)

The strategy to market each unit separate, but brand them under one overarching brand, assisted the individual business development managers greatly with their business aims.