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When it looks so good all you want to do is eat it!

Why is food and drink packaging important?

The food and drink industry is a competitive landscape, with many brands vying over shelf space and customer eyeballs. Not only does your food and drink packaging maintain the quality of your product, it also plays a huge role in your marketing. Packaging is the quick way to talk to your customers about your product. Thus, your food and drink packing needs to be effective in drawing in your customers eyes.

At Perth Branding & Marketing, we are the food and drink packaging experts in Perth. We have extensive experience in the food and drink space, particularly the wine industry. The two most important points to consider when you are looking at the right packaging is whether it will keep the product safe and should catch the customer’s eye.

Design elements to consider

Your logo: This should be prominent and well-recognisable on the packaging so that you attract brand recognition across your product range.

Colours: What kind of colours are the best to attract your target audience? This is a key consideration in the packaging for your food or drink.

Imagery: This is a very important factor to consider when you are crafting your design. You need to consider what you want your brand to become synonymous with.

Space: One of the biggest considerations in design is white space, which usually allows the brand or product name to speak for itself.

Trends in food packaging

Minimalism: Just look at every recent brand update you’ve seen from the major players. Chances are minimalism is at the core. This trend is everywhere. Ditch the cluttered designs.

Statement colours: When you’re trying to get the attention of your customers, you should not go past a statement colour.

Be tactile: In physical marketing, the tactile elements of your brand are so important. If you need to stand out, why not shape your box of almonds like an almond or create a scent on your box to inspire an idea of what is contained inside.

Functionality is key: People are busy. The last thing they want to do is be fumbling over their food or drink packaging as they move through their day. Consider how you can solve a customer’s problem and you will be in their hearts forever!

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